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Tier II Reporting

Any individual or business holding a reportable quantity of any substance, at any time during the past year, must report that holding to the Alabama SERC, the Marshall County LEPC (Marshall County EMA), and the local Fire Department to that location. To see if you have a reportable quantity of a substance see the list at

Marshall County EMA accepts Tier II reports two ways

1. Email the .t2s file created by Tier2 Submit to the GIS Planner and the Director.

Tier2 Submit is available free from EPA at Tier2 Submit.

2. Via the E-Plan website at E-Plan

Registration and pricing information is available at E-Plan.


Alabama Tier II Reporting Requirements and Contacts

Alabama Department of Environmental Management

SARA Title III Coordinator: Beth Woodfin 

Phone - 1-334-260-2700


Tier II Submission E-mail


Special Instructions: Alabama’s SERC accepts two forms of electronic submittal utilizing either E-Plan or Tier2 Submit.

 Please see the above webpage for additional information.

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